What does the market say about DGNB?

You can read quotations about experiences with DGNB from different stakeholders in the building industry.

“We expect that DGNB can be used as a tool to give an overview in order to get a sustainable building project where we won’t end up with solutions that are cheap at first but many times more expensive when in use.” – Ulrik Winge, City- and environment director, Frederiksberg Municipality.


“When we certify a project after DGNB, the indoor climate gets optimized in relation to light, sound, temperature and air quality just as there does not emit damaging gases from the chosen materials. You can say that the good indoor climate and the employees’ job satisfaction is an automatic triumph with sustainable building activities.” Ole Faurby, CEO, NCC.


“We always have a longsighted perspective on our investments. We are also a social responsible investor. That is why we have decided that all new investments, where we are building owners – residences, retail, offices and hotels – will be sustainable. We believe that a DGNB certification is an effective way to secure the value in our buildings in relation to improved expenses, energy effective, high quality in the indoor climate and with an expectation of raised rent earnings in the future. At the same time, we make a strong tribute to climate changes.” Torben Möger Pedersen, CEO, PensionDanmark.


“To us DGNB is connected to increased quality. It is always our goal that DGNB should be seen and felt in the finished building, to create homes, offices and education environments that we get healthy by living in. With DGNB, we can create the best possible settings and increase the quality of life for the individual – both physically, social and cultural. “- Mette Kynne Frandsen, CEO and Partner, Henning Larsen Architects.